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Thank you for visiting Archbold Area Schools’ website.  We hope that through this experience you are able to get a sample of our wonderful facilities, technology, and varied educational offerings. Our pride in our school system and our community is reflected by our staff and students in all that we do.  We strive daily to meet our district mission - The Archbold Area Schools are committed to the pursuit of continuous improvement in the quality of education that stresses teamwork, integrity, the dignity of the individual, and a desire to make a positive difference in the greater community. Through the cooperative efforts of parents, teachers, students, and community members, an environment will be established where students have the opportunity to develop a Joy for Learning and an appreciation for the principles which will improve their Quality of Life.

I am proud to be the Superintendent of this school system, we have excellent teachers and outstanding students.  We will make it our goal to get better each day as we chase greatness!

Go Bluestreaks!

Aaron M. Rex

End of the 2016-2017 School year!

We want to celebrate another outstanding school year and say thank you to everyone who made the 2016-2017 a special year for our students!  The end of the year newsletter gives us an opportunity to highlight and recognize many of the achievements that our students were able to make.


Academically we had another excellent year in the classroom.  Our students across the grade levels continue to excel in all of the state testing, and our juniors had success in the first year of everyone taking the ACT.  Our graduation rate has remained consistently high at above 96%, and 92% of those students reported that they will be attending a four-year university. 


We again had the highest attendance rate in Fulton County!  This is a testament to the type of school we have and our dedication to caring about your kids while they are on our buses, in our classrooms, and everywhere they go in our school system.  Our focus this year was to show our students how important they are from the time they get on our bus in the morning until we drop them off after school.  We have an excellent staff that truly cares about your children and enjoy what they do every day.


On the sporting fields we saw multiple league championships, in fact we were all-sports champions in both girls and boys sports.  We also won multiple sectional, district and regional titles.  At the state level we saw teams and individuals compete in cross-country, golf, basketball, wrestling, tennis, and track.  We are very proud of our student athletes and coaches!


Enjoy your summer and we look forward to having all of our students back on August 23.




Aaron Rex


Saving money and helping the environment

Propane buses:

This is the first year that our two propane buses have been in operation.  By purchasing propane buses we save the district money in fuel costs (propane sells for about $1.00 per gallon and we receive a .50 rebate for each gallon from the IRS), and they create less pollution that goes into our air.  The initial cost of a propane bus is very comparable to that of a diesel school bus and we have been very happy with their operation thus far. 

Wind Turbine:

We are entering year four of operation for our wind turbine and this is the prime operating time for the 298 foot, 750 kW machine.  Starting in November through March we see the most wind and this helps to create power for our high school and elementary buildings.  Although we may complain about the cold wind and wind chill, these strong breezes help to bring thousands of dollars in savings to our school district. 

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