Board of Education Members

From Left: Tyson Stuckey, Roel Galvan, Phil Nofziger, Karen Beck, Jeremy Hurst

Jeremy Hurst, President

Phil Nofziger, Vice President

Roel Galvan

Karen Beck

Tyson Stuckey


Current Board Meeting Report

March 23, 2020

Superintendent Report

Upcoming Events

All Archbold Area School buildings and offices will be closed to non-essential employees from 3:00 pm on Friday, March 13th through Friday, April 3rd. 

***Phone lines will not be monitored during this time. All communications and announcements will come through the district website or the One Call notification system.

Other Items of Interest

Educational Plans during extended closure

Commend staff for all the work and planning that has taken place since the Governor’s orders on Thursday, March 12th.

We have plans in place for all students in grades K-12, which will begin with their first assignments on Monday, March 30th.

The remainder of this week will be coordinating instructional materials, technology, and meals with each building, food service, and transportation department. 

We are currently planning for the distribution of meals for students who qualify for free and reduced lunches to begin on Wednesday, March 25th. This process will be in collaboration with the transportation staff and food service staff who are eager to help in any way they can. 

All information will be posted on the website and updated as frequent as necessary. 

School Resource Officer

In a recent conversation with Chief Wixon he expressed how valuable the SRO proved to help gather information on a missing student. These are not ideal situations, but when these or other situations occur it is a seamless relationship between the schools and police department. 


Recently completed the sale of RECs, also known as green certificates to STX Commodities. The total sold was 4,056 RECs at $9.05 for a total of $36,706.80.

Archbold Area Schools Board Meeting Minutes for March 23, 2020

Approved February 10, 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes.

Approved February 2020 Financial Reports. 

Approved March 6, 2020 special meeting minutes.

Approved March 12, 2020 emergency meeting minutes.

Approved an overnight trip for the Middle School 8th graders to Washington D.C., April 29 - May 2, 2021.

Approved Andrea M. Stevens to the Archbold Community Library for a 7-year term effective January 1, 2020.

Approved Fund Transfer of $14,611.13 from GF to Turbine Maintenance, 003-9001.

Approved the 2020-2021 agreement with NWOESC for instructional services.

Approved appropriation modification as submitted.

Approved the following donations:






Football Program



Football Program

Class of 1966, Memorial Michael Schlatter


Art Club

Rivello Archbold McDonalds 



Authorized the distribution of proceeds from the high school concessions account to the following student activity accounts and organizations: 



Athletic Boosters


Student Council




After Prom Committee


Girl’s Soccer Program


High School Art Club


Varsity Cheerleaders


Archbold Football Club


Class of 2021




Athletic Department


High School Principal Fund


Spanish Club


GBK Program




BBK Program


Football Program


Wrestling Program


Softball Program


Approved a contract with TSA Consulting Group, Inc. for services to restate the Archbold Area School District’s 403(b) Plan Document.

Approved the Superintendent to solicit bids for the purchase of a school bus.

Approved a contract for Brenda Beck as summer school tutor for a total of 30-60 hours for summer 2020.

Approved advancing a maximum of five (5) days of vacation leave from the 2020-2021 contract year to Justin Dominique. In the event of resignation of employment, days to be repaid at per diem rate.

Approved one-year supplemental contracts for the 2020-21 school year.

Suspended the April 3, 2020 pay for Spring Musical Contracts to Chelsey Smith and Courtney Froelich due to the Coronavirus School Closure.

Approved Norm Beck as a volunteer football assistant coach for the 2020-21 school year.