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From Left: Phil Nofziger, Jeremy Hurst, John Downey, Jon Lugbill, Roel Galvan

Roel Galvan, President           rgalvan@archboldschools.org

Phil Nofziger, Vice President  pnofziger@archboldschools.org

John Downey                        jdowney@archboldschools.org

Jeremy Hurst                        jmhurst@archboldschools.org

Jon Lugbill                           jlugbill@archboldschools.org









Current Board Meeting Report

May 15, 2017

Superintendent Report

I want to thank Marco’s for working with us to help raise money for our school

system. On Wednesday evening we will receive a percent of all of the sales from

Marco’s pizza in Archbold. Please be sure to have pizza Wednesday night and help

support our school’s athletic department!


It is exciting that the Village of Archbold will be putting in a sidewalk to connect

Defiance Street with the elementary school. This work should start this month and

will make it much easier for our walkers to get to the school without having to

crossover Lafayette Street on two occasions, if they come from the North.


We have been celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week in all of the school buildings.

I want to thank our excellent staff for all that they do for our kids. We have an

outstanding group of teachers and support staff working with our young people!


I want to thank everyone who made our prom and post prom a great event for our

students. They had a great time at the dance and the post prom at BGSU. Without

the support of our volunteers and community it would not be such a memorable



For the 2017-2018 school year we will be having a slight increase in our lunch

prices. We are currently at $2.45 for grades K-4 and $2.70 for grades 5-12. Our

basket meals or the B line are currently $3.00. We will be increasing by five cents to

$2.50 at the elementary and $2.75 for middle school and high school. The reason

for the increase is governmental regulations that call on schools to have their prices

at the paid lunch equity price of $2.86. This number is the amount we are

reimbursed for a free/reduced lunch $3.16 minus the 30 cents we are reimbursed for

a full pay lunch. Our prices with the increase are very comparable to our local

districts in the area.

Archbold Area School Board Meeting Minutes for May 15, 2017

Approved April 17, 2017 regular meeting minutes.

Approved April 2017 financials 

Approved participation in the NBHP Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Program for the 2018 policy year.

Approved the Five Year Forecast as submitted.

Approved the following donations:

Donor                                               Amount              Purpose

JFS Chiropractic                                  $590                Washington DC Trip Sponsor

Rivello Archbold LLC                           $1,000             Football Shed, Athletic Complex

Annonymous                                       $500                Football Shed, Athletic Complex

Child’s Investment Group, Inc            $1,000             Football Shed, Athletic Complex

TJ Automation, Inc                              $1,000             Football Shed, Athletic Complex

Andres O’Neil & Lowe Agency           $1,000             Football Shed, Athletic Complex

WMTR, NOBCO, Inc                            $500                Football Shed, Athletic Complex

Ann & Andrew Dominique                  $1,000             Football Shed, Athletic Complex

Jodi Herman Ins. Agency, Inc              $300                Football Shed, Athletic Complex

Michael & Terri Krebs                         $100                Football Shed, Athletic Complex

Edgar Grisier Funeral Home               $500                Football Shed, Athletic Complex

Laub Auto Parts                                  $100                Football Shed, Athletic Complex


Approved a $200 Change Fund for athletic concessions.

Approved participation in the State of Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Program. 

Authorized Great Lake Biomedical LTD as bus physical providers to administer and sign bus physical form T-8 for Archbold Area School’s bus drivers for the 2017-2018 school year.

Approved list of 2017 Graduates and Foreign Exchange attendance awards pending completion of all state and local requirements as presented.

Approved a one-year contract for Derrick Baksa as High School English teacher for the 2017-2018 school year.

Approved a contract for Shawn Grime and Tess Pinter as summer school tutors for a combined total of 35-40 hours, for summer 2017.

Approved a contract for Royal Short as a casual laborer for summer 2017, effective May 13, 2017.

Approved contracts for Aiden Warncke and Tony Grime as student custodial workers for summer 2017.

Approved a contract for Josh Voll as a technology assistant for up to 160 hours for Summer 2017.

Approved a contract for Ann Dominique as a classified sub for the 2016-2017 school year, effective April 24, 2017.

Approved supplemental contracts for the 2017-2018 school year. (Exhibit)

Approved the resignation of Jody Schwyn as HS/MS Spanish teacher, effective at

the end of the 2016-2017 school year.

Approved the termination of Norman Beck as Assistant Football Coach for the

2017-2018 school year.

Elementary Principal Report

Middle School Principal Report

High School Principal Report

Curriculum Director Report



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