Thank you for considering Archbold Area Schools for your child’s educational needs.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have as you weigh your options and make this important decision.  Click the “School Brochure” link below to read about all the exciting things happening at Archbold Area Schools, and see if we would be a good fit for your child.  On this page you will find a list of FAQ’s, Athletic Eligibility Guidelines, a step-by-step application guide and our Open Enrollment Application.   We hope Archbold Area Schools can be a great fit for your family. 

If you have additional questions or need further information please contact my office at 419-446-2728, and Valerie Nafziger will be able to assist you.

Dr. Jayson A. Selgo, Superintendent


Open Enrollment Process

  • An application can be printed from our website, or picked up in the Superintendent's office (located in the Archbold High School).  You can also request one by contacting Valerie Nafziger at or by calling 419-446-2728.
  • Once the application is completed, it can be returned to the Superintendent's office along with proof of residency (utility bill or rental agreement).  If there is custody paperwork, that also needs to be submitted with the application.
  • Applications will be acted upon between April 1 and June 30.  You will promptly be notified of the decision once it's made.
  • Upon approval, you will be instructed on the next steps to start the enrollment process with the District Registration Coordinator.

If you have any questions during this process, please contact our office at 419-446-2728 and Valerie will be able to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Archbold Area Schools has participated in Open Enrollment since 2006.  During that time we have not denied applications of current enrolled students from attendance the following year because of class size.  Once your student begins attending, they become part of us and we desire to see them remain a Bluestreak until graduation.

Athletic Eligibility is not a factor in grades 7, 8 and 9 (if your student didn't transfer after the fifth day of school their 9th grade year).  Students are free to participate and compete in our athletic programs.  If you are a High School student and participated in a scrimmage or contest at another school prior to attending Archbold, you will have to sit for 50% of the maximum allowable regular season contests.  To view more details about Athletic Eligibility click the links below to view the OHSAA Bylaws and Guidelines.  Section 7 addresses "transfers" in the Bylaws.



OHSAA Bylaws


Archbold Area Schools has many things to offer our students, beginning with a top-notch educational experience.  We have highly qualified and caring teachers and staff.  The proof of our investment in your child's educational needs is proven in the State Report Card, and prior to that system of measurement we were one of the few schools to ranked Excellent with Distinction, 12 years in a row.  In addition to a superior education we have many extra-curricular activities, over 10 different clubs and organizations, an outstanding music program and 12 different athletic programs.  Our school has also been a leader in technology, which really gives our students the confidence and preparedness they need to navigate the high-tech world we live in.

Yes.  There is no distinction made between open enrolled students and those who live within our district.  Our students are Archbold students and they receive the same school support, community support and opportunities. The only area that impacts an open enrollment student differently is school bus transportation to and from school.