High School Directory

Last First Position Email Phone Website
Baden Amy Intervention Specialist 1112  
Bagrowski Michele Curriculum Director 1006
Baksa Derrick English 1111  
Becher Brian Math 1122  
Beck Janelle Bus Driver    
Beck Brenda Math 1116
Bickel Laura Science 1127
Bowerman Krystina Spanish 1213  
Brader Lorinda Technology Coordinator 1011
Brunswick Jeff Special Education 1201  
Burk Roxanne Custodian    
Cousino JoAnn Bus Driver/Cook 1007  
Dominique Brittany Special Ed. Aide 1222  
Dominique David Technology Teacher 1212  
Dominique Justin Maintenance/Custodian 1008  
Dominique Sarah Science 1215  
Elick Dawn English 1109  
Fisher Jennifer Bus Driver    
Flores Jessica School Social Worker   2315, 1202  
Frank Joe Social Studies 1208  
Gladieux Dina Math 1115
Gladieux Michele Business 1214  
Gladieux Allan Athletic Director 1146
Graber Michelle Cook 1007  
Grime Shawn Guidance 1003
Grisier Courtney Music 1153  
Hall Mary Bus Driver    
Holdgreve Ryan Health/PE 1206  
Hulbert Jody Bus Driver    
Kennedy Laura Art 1164
Lovejoy Renee Cafeteria Cashier 1007  
Martz Megan Intervention Specialist 1114  
Miller Tom Bus Driver    
Moore Chris Science Biology 1216
Nafziger Valerie Executive Secretary 4000  
Osterland Lisa Preschool Aide    
Oyer Andrea Social Studies 1205
Petersen Karla School Nurse 3004  
Pinter Tess High School Secretary 1000  
Ranzau Christi Preschool Intervention Specialist 1204  
Rufenacht Josh Bus Maintenance    
Rufenacht Kylie Study Hall Aide 1209  
Ruffer Susan Custodian    
Rupp Esther Psychologist 2111  
Sauder Pam Bus Driver    
Schlatter Heidi Intervention Specialist/Hearing Impaired 1202  
Selgo Jayson Superintendent 4001  
Sell Ryan Vocational Agriculture 1168  
Short Cathy Custodian    
Short Jessica Media Center 1120  
Short Royal Principal 1001  
Slough Nathan School Resource Officer 1010  
Stanley Tina Trainer 1016  
Throne Ryan English Language Arts 1113
Vandock Danielle Social Studies 1207
Voll Josh Technology Assistant 1118  
VonSeggern Sarah Science Chemistry 1124  
Wiemken Megan Speech-Language Pathologist 3155  
Williams Joseph Spanish 1107  
Wyse Erinn Assistant to the Treasurer 4003  
Yoder Beth Band Director 1163
Ziegler Chris Treasurer 4002
Ziegler Sharon Guidance 1004