Parent Resources for Student Learning during COVID 19

First and foremost, as a parent, it is not your responsibility to be the teacher. It is helpful for you to encourage your child to continue exploring questions and keep up a reading practice. Support them as they attempt to solve problems- but it is most important that you provide them space to connect, feel, wonder, try, and find refuge in these uncertain times.

It means taking time every day to talk with your child, read with your child, and sing with your child. These simple activities ARE learning activities.

It’s also helpful, if you haven’t already, to create a flexible but predictable routine.

What time to wake up?   What time to go to bed?

When are meals?

When is it time to do schoolwork?

When is it time to play?

When (and how long) is screentime – tablets, computers, and TV?

Developing a routine (and looking forward to tomorrow’s plans at bedtime) helps build a psychological sense of safety for children.


Reading Resource
(for free access, contact teacher for username and password)


PBS Kids



Scholastic Classroom Magazines

Scholastic GO! 
(username: archbold   password:schgo)

(PreK-12 Digital Library)

INFOhio:  BookFlix

INFOhio:  Watch and Learn

INFOhio:  TrueFlix

INFOhio:  FreedomFlix

INFOhio:  ScienceFlix

Free Resources for M.S. & H.S. Students

Spelling City - Vocabulary
(code: VSCFree90)


Mackin - Distance Learning Essentials

Getting Started with MackinVia

Free EBooks Access


Common Sense Media

Junior Library Guild