Student Dress Code Revisions


What a student wears to school is a reflection of the student’s attitude and the importance they place on the school environment. The guidelines below will help the student and parent determine the appropriate attire to be a successful student at Archbold Middle School.

Students are expected to come to school looking clean and neat, and dressed in a manner that is accepted as being in good taste. Archbold Area Schools believe all students should be dressed in an appropriate and modest fashion.
This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Jeans, pants or shorts with tears/rips/holes are unacceptable. Any tear/rip/hole must be patched.
  • Shoes are to be worn at all times in the school, flip-flops are NOT to be worn.
  • “Tights” and other thin, skin tight pants are not acceptable as an outer layer.
  • Short-shorts and mini-skirts are not acceptable. Shorts and skirts may be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  • Shorts may only be worn in the months: August, September, April, May. Shorts are NOT acceptable in the months of October through March.
  • Tank tops, halter-tops, spaghetti straps, strapless garments, etc. are not acceptable. Shirts and pullovers must cover the entire shoulder area. Shirts must cover the entire abdominal area. Shirts may not have plunging necklines that are revealing. It is not acceptable for any undergarment to be visible.
  • All pants must fit around the waist and be properly fastened.
  • Clothing carrying advertisement of alcohol and/or tobacco products, obscene or suggestive materials are prohibited. Also, clothing that have words or pictures that put-down, make fun of, or ridicule school, school authorities or other individuals are not appropriate.
  • Coats or other outside apparel may not be worn in the classroom.
  • Hats, bandanas, and sweatbands on the head are not to be worn inside the building during school hours.
  • Students may not wear inappropriate paraphernalia such as chains, handcuffs, etc. from their belts, around their necks, arms or legs that would distract from the educational process.
  • Unnaturally colored hair is not permitted. Examples could include, but are not limited to blue, green, red, purple, orange, etc.
  • Piercings – The only visible piercings allowed during school hours will be ear piercings. Those not allowed include but are not limited to nose, eyebrow and lip.

Students may be given school issued clothing to wear. Students may be required to stay for in-school suspension if he/she have no appropriate clothing at school or cannot have someone from home bring appropriate clothing.

School administrators will make the final decision on any questionable dress code issue.